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Strategic Forum on Productivity Boosting for Hotels & Travel Agencies

To whom it may concern,

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support.
This email is sent to all the hotels contracted with us. Please pardon us for the use of BCC.

Southern Breeze will continue to enhance the cooperation with Japanese travel agencies in 2017 and 2018.
We (Southern Breeze and you) have actively worked together in developing Japanese market through the holding of Japan Forums and taking various measures for the first and second half of fiscal year. Also, we have held fun events such as lunch meetings, dinner meetings and Christmas parties throughout the years.

To further develop this tie, Southern Breeze have planned this Forum with the participation of Overseas Planning staff from Japanese travel agencies.

With increasing number of Japanese tourists visiting in this region, the customer base is becoming significantly wider than ever.
Now they are demanding upon booking our commitment for the room availability.
Based on afore-mentioned situation as well as various external factors, our IT division is promoting establishment of online connections between Japanese travel agencies and the alliance hotels.
The booking productivity will be significantly reduced unless the room inventory is managed by Japanese travel agencies with their terminals to enable immediate response to the customer whether the room is available or not.

While “allotment” is required, travel agencies will actively advise the customers that Free Sale booking is not accepted when the room is not available.
We would like you (hotels) to automatically upgrade the room for the customer of Free Sale if the room is not vacant upon their arrival.

In this Internet era, the traditional procedure; we receive the customer’s booking request from a travel agency in Japan, make a booking to the hotel and then notify the result to the travel agency, does not work. If we keep this way, they may stop dealing with us. One of the biggest factors to increase productivity for us is to understand requirements of such travel agencies and respond to them.

The expected participants we have from Japan are 90 companies including major travel companies, agencies and tour operators partnered with us.

Especially for the hotels planning to attract more Japanese tourists, it would be a great opportunity to find the contract rate as well as to

Strategic Forum on Productivity Boosting for Hotels and Travel Agencies

Date:June 30, 2017(Friday)

Time:11:30 – 15:30

Venue:Meeting room, The Reverie Saigon

Hosted by:Hotel Division, Southern Breeze

Registration:Free (A commemorative gift from Japan is presented for the presenters)

Application deadline:May 30


11:30 Splash exchange & Lunch

12:30 Forum & Presentation &Question-and-answer session

14:00 Tea Break

15:30 Lucky Draw & End

For those wishing to participate, please reply this mail with your hotel name and the number of participants.
A popular event “Lucky Draw” with the winning ticket of money coupons, luxurious dinners, smartphones, luxury hotel vouchers, etc. is incorporated in this year as well.

Special favor for the participant hotels

We will actively support your effort as an alliance member to increase productivity by posting your hotel in our tariff as a recommended hotel, through promotions and offering of benefits, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Forum.

Best Regards,

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